Our mission

Producing excellent quality of bakery products with natural local ingredients following traditional recipes.

Company Benefits

We use only the best quality local raw materials and traditional recipes to achieve excellent taste of our products.

We hire the best professionals in the industry to create and produce perfect products.

We work on hi-end technology and modern equipment to comply with excellent quality expectations and high production volume.

Мы постоянно ведем контроль качества продукции, отслеживая соблюдение технологических и санитарно-гигиенических регламентов.

Our History

  • 2002

    First production line of “sushka”

  • 2003

    Second production line of “sushka”

  • 2005

    Rusk production line launch, third line of “sushka” production

  • 2007

    Construction of the warehouse for finished products, new shop opening for 2 lines of “sushka” production

  • 2012

    First production line for “Mini-sushka” мини-сушек

  • 2013

    New product – “baranka” launch

  • 2015

    New shop for snack production

  • 2016-2017

    Construction of the new production line for sugar cookies

  • 2018

    Launch of the production line of Funny Cat and Crazy Crew trademark sugar cookies

  • 2021

    Product line extension of the Funny Cat and Embassy of Delicious Food trademarks